Alicia Morgan

    Life & Relationship Coach

    You have earned your story.


    A story is a connected series of events.


    How you adapt to these life events determines how you live and relate to yourself and others.


    Your story can keep you stuck or help you find your way home.

    Is it time to rewrite your story?

    About Alicia

    I am here to live my most authentic, fulfilled life and help others build their fully realized, happier, healthier selTwenty years ago, while working as a nurse in a hospital setting, an awareness rose in me that I was not just concerned with healing the physical body but also the emotional and spiritual state. As I worked through my own challenges I came to a universal truth: We have all earned traumas in life, and we do not have to let them dictate how we live.

    Years working as a hospice and substance abuse nurse helped me develop compassion and an ability to sit with difficult/heavy feelings and communicate hard truths while providng support. I have worked  with chemical addictions, process addictions, intimacy disorders, anxiety, and depression. I have gathered the knowledge of my personal, nursing, and coaching experience to create a tailored coaching program to best help you find your inner light.

    Life Coaching

    Gain insight into why you react as you do.

    Understanding how past experiences form your reactions will free you from unconscious thinking and allow you to love and accept yourself.

    Accepting who you are in this moment inspires growth, and I’m here to help identify key moments from you life story and guide you through healing, acceptance and positive change. 

    In our sessions, you will learn how to repair strategies that no longer serve you and focus on becoming more in tune with yourself and your needs.


    Relationship Coaching

    Everybody wants to be understood and listened to, especially with a partner.

    In relationship coaching, I focus on helping you understand and hear your partner, and assist them in doing the same for you.

    In our sessions, we explore the patterns we developed as children and how we carry them into new and existing relationships so you do not live in the same relationship with a different person.

    Parenting Coaching

    I give parents the tools to create the safest environment possible for their children.

    In our sessions, we work to establish boundaries, create family unity and collaborate with your child or children to build a stronger relationship that is rooted in love, respect and emotional safety.

    Combining Coaching with Energy Work

    Doing energy work helps you connect to the part of you that knows the answer and uncovers the ability for you to see your truth.

    Through energy work, you learn serenity, how to observe your energy and other people’s, and have a deeper connection with yourself and spirit.

    New to energy work?

    During your first session, I will take you through a short meditation that helps you slow down and ground yourself.

    Keep in touch!

    "Alicia's warm, honest, and thoughtful approach made me feel comfortable and supported throughout our sessions. What sets her apart is her background as both an RN and a mental health professional, which allowed her to draw from a wealth of experience to meet me where I was at and provide the specific support I needed."

    Becky P.

    "With Alicia I have learned how to recognize and meet my own needs, create both internal and external boundaries and to see my own and value, worth, courage and strength. Alicia has supported me in all areas of my life; navigating domestic violence, divorce, parenting my son (and my own inner child), relationships and growing a business. "

    Joanna J.

    “Her energy in a therapeutic setting is like magic.”

    –Robin Breckenridge, Relationship and Life Coach
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